All Fun At The Circus

Daventry Phoenix Gymnastics Club hosted its first ever festal here at the Phoenix. The children have spent many week practising and developing their gymnastic skills for this memorable experience. The gym attendance was incredible with approximately 400 participants and spectator either watching or taking part in the event. Preparation started some weeks earlier and with the help of coaching staff and volunteers taking on various tasks from decorations, props making and catering, the day was a great success. It’s was a spectacular site seeing all the children dressed up in various costumes and preforming their routines. The Phoenix Pre-Schoolers did their version of me and my teddy bear followed by various general gymnastics classes each preforming separate routine for each class and closing the festival with our Gymnastics Squads display. After the performance was completed, we rounded the day off with a variety of bouncy castles and a family BBQ. The Daventry Phoenix Gymnastics Club would like to take this opportunity in thanking all supporters, helpers and coaching staff for the enormous effort and contribution made.
Theme will be World Gym Performance
We look forward to seeing you all again!

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